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Kingdom Kids is a beautiful pre-school where typically functioning children are given many different and exciting opportunities to learn through play.


Kingdom Kids Pre-Primary School is a school where the focus is holistic around each child. We believe if we give our children opportunities to learn through exploring and play it will pave the way to a lifetime of loving to learn.

Our class is small and ranges in ages between 3 (grade 000) and 6 (grade R). Our class has capacity for 15 learners and their daily program is filled with lots of variety which has been planned including insights from our onsite Occupational and Speech therapists.

Kingdom Kids is privileged to be the “mainstream” functioning class within Bloom Special Needs School. This gifts our children with skills and tools of communicating and interacting with other children who are different to themselves. Instilling a love for people is vital within this generation and it has been beautiful to watch the interaction and benefit for both the special needs learners, as well as the typically functioning learners within our environment.

The Grade R Kingdom Kids learners follow the ACE school readiness Curriculum and once completed go on to attend grade 1 within different schools in our area. Each of our learners follow an Individualized Education Developmental Program (IEDP) which tracks each child’s individual development termly. Kingdom Kids Pre-Primary School is founded on Christian values and principals and we place high value on not just the academic curriculum, but also on teaching our children about a loving God who they will continue to grow relationship with and become all He has dreamt them to be throughout their life time.