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Swim Baby specialises in teaching babies right from birth and learn to swim up until 5/6 years old.


Teach your baby to swim with Swim Baby.

Swim Baby is a unique swimming programme suitable for children from birth until 5/6 years old. Our lessons, where babies swim underwater as well as on the surface, are designed to make the most of their natural affinity with water whilst teaching confidence, safety techniques and having lots of fun.

Swim Baby offers a baby course 0-1 years (the sooner the better!!) and a toddler course 1-4 years.

Each of these courses have progressive stages and teach you as parents to develop your little one’s ability in the water, developing them through progressive and structured weekly lessons, whilst most importantly having FUN and ALWAYS at your own baby’s ability and pace.

Classes are available in our 10 x 5m indoor and heated swimming pool at Eden Village, Salt Rock.