The Autism Project

The Autism Project

Child Development

Contact details

T: 072 2822 997

Opening Hours

MON – FRI: 08h00 – 16h30


The Autism Project provides 1:1 centre or home-based intervention for children on the autism spectrum, as well as social skills groups and Lego Therapy Club.


Our skilled and experienced practitioners make use of a “combination approach” which allows our team to individualise not just the content of the programme created for each child, but the delivery and interaction between the practitioners and the child as well.

It is our belief that there is no single answer to autism intervention, but rather that every person on the autism spectrum is an individual who will need their own unique blend of strategies to suit their learning style.  While each child’s journey is unique, our focus is always to work toward supporting the transition into an appropriate school environment where he or she is able to effectively access the curriculum as independently as possible.

We believe in a trans-disciplinary team and work hard at facilitating great communication and working relationships with our families, the schools and any other professional involved with our children. Team work makes the dream work!